Poland Work Visa

Poland Work Visa

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  • There is a visa interview at the local Polish embassy or the nearest one. 
  • 70-99% success rate depending on your country. 
  • Timeline varies as appointment to the embassy must be made. 


Timeline: Varies as in-person visa interview is required. 



Total Processing Service Charges: $5000 US only paid by instalment. This excludes embassy visa fee; travel insurance; and flight ticket etc. 


Job Posting 


1) Construction worker and Floormaker – #EU01 

Location: Poland (Various region) 

Industry: Construction services, resin floor, construction worker, flooring  

Number of positions: 5  

Start date: immediately  

Additional information from the employer: I offer net PLN 15 per hour plus diet in the amount of PLN 50 per day (paid when working outside Oświęcim what has place as a rule) allowances for work on Saturday + 50% of the rate for work on Sunday + 100% of the rate, 50% of the rate paid from Oświęcim to the place of work. 


2) Warehouse shelving fitter work -- #EU02 

Location: Poland 

Industry: Installation of steel structures 

Start date: immediately 

Potential employee: steel structure fitter (warehouse shelves) 

Number of positions: 30-40 

Age limit: employees must be below 50 years old 

Additional information from the employer: We obtain a residence card in three months for this position after obtaining the card, trip to Europe, earnings in euros 

PLN 12 net / rh - first month  

PLN 13 net / rh - from the second month  

Later, the rates are set individually.  

For persons on visas and residence cards after the trial period – there is possibility of delegating with our teams for assembly in Western Europe - rates in Euro from 10 Euro/h 

Accomodation - company cost  

Commutes to and from work (warehouse - hotel) - company cost  

Work clothes - company cost. 

Job Scope: The scope of work is primarily work with power tools: 

- bolting of rack elements with impact wrenches  

- drilling anchor holes in the floor with impact drills,  

- installation of floors, meshes, rack beams and other accessories  

- sporadically cutting, grinding. 


3) Paver, bricklayer, painter, carpenter-fixer, styrofoam façade - #EU03 

Industry: general construction  

Potential employee: paver, bricklayer, painter, carpenter-fixer, facade styrofoam 

Number of positions: 10  

Start date: immediately 

Additional information from the employer: pay from 15 PLN per hour 

Accomodation: provided  

Commuting is guaranteed 


4) Manual worker of a sausage factory - #EU04 

Industry: food  

Potential employee: laborer in a sausage factory  

Number of positions: 20  

Start date: immediately 

Additional information from the employer: pay from PLN 12 to PLN 18 per hour 

I provide a flat for quarantine, food and everything related to living and work. 


5) Harvester (farmworker) – EU#05 

Industry: Farming 

Potential employee: For the harvest of tomatoes in the greenhouse work all year round we provide all documents and permits to work and stay in Poland 

Additional information from the employer: pay from PLN 12 to PLN 18 per hour 

Work is all year round and accommodation is provided 


6) Fitter work on highways – EU#06 

Industry: Fitter 

Potential employee: We are looking for employees to install a fence near the road, people do not need to have experience in the profession, but the prerequisite for starting work is willingness and commitment 

Number of positions: 12  

Additional information from the employer:  pay from PLN 11 / h plus bonus for work results. 

We provide food and a flat free of charge 



7) Car body varnish / tinsmith – EU#07 

Industry: Services  

Potential employee: Car body / tinsmith  

Number of positions: 10  

Start date: at the time of full readiness for work (when visa/ permit is available) 

Additional information from the employer: Polish employment contract total from 1800 to 2100 EUR per person  


8) Welder's helper / welder – EU#08 

Industry: Furniture production work on furniture frames  

Potential employee: welding assistant / welder  

Number of positions: 30  

Additional information from the employer: Free accommodation, commuting assistance, comfortable working conditions. Hourly rate in the first month PLN 13 / h. Later, minimum PLN 14 / h 


NOTE: Poland embassy have also started accepting applications for work permits and work visas. 



Payment Breakdown: 


Payment 1: Pay prevailing equivalent of $1400 to get started. 


Payment 2: Pay prevailing equivalent of $1900 after receiving supporting documents


Payment 3:  Pay balance equivalent of $1700 after visa is out. 


Refund Policy: 

You will not make the final payment if your visa is denied. 


Success rate for Poland: 

70% -90% depending on your country